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Through business transformation and innovation driven strategy to create additional value and stay ahead in disruptive times.

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To disruptively innovate and solve problems through ingenious technology solutions for better outcomes.

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Through result driven strategies for sustainable growth and stakeholder value creation.

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To build resilience into value chain for improving productivity, predictability and profitability.

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To unlock their potential to capitalize on resources, data and knowledge for informed decisions through collaboration.

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To meet the challenges of changing times by capitalizing organizational competencies and individual abilities.

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To foster continual improvement of business processes for increased efficiencies and rapid response to competitive changes.

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Smart Cities

Smart city enterprise constitutes of Physical, Logical, Social and Virtual networks with all being put together to work in harmony. The real challenges is - how does one harmonize these networks to deliver actionable intelligence and smart decisions. Approach of dealing with city networks in silo's is of no use given the close interdependence of city disciplines across its ecosystem.  Smart decisions are possible only when a city can quickly and efficiently - gather information across the networks, put them in a perspective, analyze them and use the actionable intelligence to respond to situations.  

With our rich multi-sectoral  experience combined with industry best practices, we assist you in geo-enabling city networks for a smart city to - capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present, data from disparate sources across its networks on a common platform. From conceptualization, planning, implementation and maintenance of geospatial components for smart city enterprise to management of projects and processes, we provide complete life cycle support to enhance Competitiveness, Sustainability and Livability of the cities.

Connect with us to know how we can assist you for : 

  • Planning, design, engineering, construction, operations and maintenance of geo-enabled smart city enterprise
  • Smart City Life Cycle Management 
  • Smart City Command Control and Operations Center
  • Smart City Geospatial Intelligence and Analytics
  • Smart Revenue Management  
  • Bench-marking of systems and processes against best practices
  • Technology Evangelism for business development support